Executive Director

Executive Director

Type: Full-Time |

 Location: Kamloops |

 Deadline: Until Successfully Filled

OVERVIEW: The Executive Director (ED) holds the Senior Executive position in the organization.  Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the ED assumes complete responsibility for accomplishing strategic goals and operational outcomes of Oncore Seniors Society. The ED leads, strategizes, develops, improves, and oversees the operations of the society.

Organizational Values: Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Competence, Teamwork and a Passion for the Purpose

Key Result Areas:

  • Leadership
  • Board Operations and Support
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management and Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Best Practices and Compliance



Oversees and strategically leads the operationalization of the organization’s vision, mission, values and strategic plan:

  • Promote the vision, mission, values and strategic direction of Oncore Seniors Society.
  • Develop, oversee and achieve annual business plans [financial, marketing & communications, human resources and operations (admin, information technology and information management)] to drive the results of the Board’s Strategic Directions. Operational plans are to include goals, tactical plans, and performance measures.
  • Build alignment across the organization and between sites.
  • Model inclusive, transformational and collaborative leadership behaviours.
  • Drive the implementation of the purpose, goals and objectives in a manner which inspires staff, clients and key stakeholders to embrace and support the purpose and outcomes of the organization.
  • Create a work environment that supports a climate of mutual respect, transparency, open communication, teamwork, collaboration, shared learning and innovation.
  • Generate and maintain a climate of continuous quality improvement utilizing a change management approach.
  • Act as the key liaison to the Strata Councils and drive collaborative solutions to on-going shared spaces, services, and amenities.
  • Build positive and productive relationships with the strata councils and other key stakeholders.
  • Maintain awareness of issues within local, provincial or federal realms which may impact the organization and inform the Board in a timely manner of issues/impacts along with recommended actions and solutions.

Board Operations and Support:

The ED reports to, works with and supports the board in order to fulfill the organization’s vision and mission.

  • Responsible for leading OSS in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s vision, mission and strategic plan as defined by the Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.
  • Participate in the annual Strategic Planning process with the Board.
  • Assist the board in carrying out their responsibilities (administration, planning, legal, ethical, issue management and information dissemination) .
  • Help build, sustain, and strengthen all board functions i.e. meetings, policy creation, adherence, and committee work.
  • Ensure role and responsibility clarity between the ED, Board Chair and Board of Directors.
  • Create, update, and present operational performance reports to the Board at each meeting, to ensure accountability, execution and achievement of strategic goals.
  • Advise the Board in a timely manner of information or ideas that will advance the organization’s strategic goals, outcomes and growth.
  • Act as the Organization and Board spokesperson in accordance with Board policy.
  • Support the integrity and perpetuity of Board recruitment by annually initiating and supporting the approved succession planning policy.

Human Resources:

Hire, coach, develop and maintain a diverse team of highly effective managers and employees who are inspired about the Oncore purpose and committed to providing a consistently high standard of service and resident support.

  • Oversee recruitment, selection, orientation, collective agreements administration, grievances, performance management, training and development and termination as per Oncore policy.
  • Develop a monthly operational reporting system identifying successes and areas for improvement.
  • Work with internal staff to create an environment of continuous improvement, while striving to provide the highest level of service to residents.
  • Develop and mentor future leadership within the organization.
  • Develop and recommend the annual staffing plan and compensation policy, including benefits and performance premiums.
  • Ensure the organizational leaders are achieving service and financial targets and being managed consistently and effectively to produce strategic results.
  • Ensure performance management frameworks are implemented for both senior management as well as the staff.
  • Oversee the development of a staffing model that ensures equal distribution of workloads and responsibilities to maximize the effectiveness of the organization and work life balance.
  • Develop succession plans ensuring that leadership is developed, and consistent results support the growth and operations of the organization.

Financial and Risk Management:

Financial accountability and risk management are critical to ensure the effective and functional requirements of the Oncore Seniors Society are met, allowing it to build a sustainable pathway for future growth and successful operations.

  • Ensure appropriate financial controls and systems are in place to protect the interest and ensure the financial viability of the organization.
  • Develop and maintain a risk management strategy.
  • Create and maintain an effective Board reporting format for budgeting and financial reporting in line with the strategic goals of the organization.
  • Analyze and understand financial statements, and provide advice to the Board on the financial position of the Organization.
  • Build annual operating budgets with General Managers and Food Services Manager to manage budgetary expectations and variances.
  • Present annual budgets for each operating unit for the coming fiscal year prior to the end of the current fiscal year, for Board approval.
  • Manage financial obligations in a manner which meets best practices, evidenced by up-to-date remittances and receivables, vendor payments, and real time accounting reports to the Board.
  • Create, monitor and manage contracts to ensure that services are offered at a reasonable market value, while providing the highest level of return on investment.
  • Negotiate and oversee global contracts to achieve savings and efficiencies that benefit the bottom line while maintaining high levels of resident satisfaction.
  • Refer all contracts over $5,000.00 for review and approval by the Board, including three quotes and decision rationale.
  • Manage discretionary and staff expenses in accordance with policy and in a manner which minimizes both cost and risk to the organization
  • Develop long term asset management plans that include appropriate reserves to ensure sustainability.
  • Engage and direct auditors as required by the Board.

Information and Technology Management:

Information technology and management infrastructure and applications are critical and necessary to support Oncore’s mandate:

  • Ensure all departments and employees are serviced with information and technology management infrastructure and applications to successfully carry out their duties.
  • Ensure the capture, storage, security, retrieval and preservation of the organization’s information in accordance with best practises.
  • Ensure the effective and relevant use of computing technology, such as networking, hardware, software, the Internet, and the staff training necessary to meet or exceed proficient levels of operation.

Marketing and Communications:

Develop and lead the annual marketing and communications plan including brand management, market research, product development, product pricing, advertising and promotions, communications (internal and external), fundraising, stakeholder relations, community engagement, and customer service and satisfaction.

  • Provide brand value both internally and externally by working with operational staff to promote Oncore Seniors Society and improve resident services.
  • Enhance services to residents and non-OSS on-site residents to enhance harmony, satisfaction levels and R.O. I.
  • Represent Oncore in the Communities we serve and develop relationships in target development communities.
  • Support marketing plans associated with the development of new properties.
  • Maintain effective digital, electronic and social media that drives occupancy levels and enhances the Oncore brand.
  • Develop and maintain resident communications and feedback tools to enhance resident relationships and track satisfaction levels against targets.
  • Develop and maintain effective contact databases of residents and their families, prospective residents, non-OSS on-site residents, staff, Board and advisory councils, vendors and other stakeholders.

Best Practices and Compliance:

The ED ensures industry best practice and compliance with all laws and regulations and create systems to monitor compliance throughout the entire organization.  This extends beyond legal compliance to ensuring compliance with the highest standards possible for our sector and site locations.  Follows all acts, guidelines and legislation related to operating a Non-profit organization as defined by Provincial (BC Societies Act), or Federal (CRA) regulations, BC Housing and Health Authorities and any other relevant body:

  • Ensure all service contracts are conducted in a manner that ensures industry standards and practices are met or exceeded.
  • Negotiate, monitor and provide compliance reports on Contracts with primary partners (BC Housing, Developers, Strata, Etc.)
  • Monitor and provide compliance reports on all legislatively controlled aspects of our operations (health, food, non-profit reporting etc.), providing regular updates to the Board and appropriate filings with oversight agencies (Interior Health, Real Estate Board, WorkSafeBC, etc.)
  • Promote a spirit of inquiry and innovation within the delivery of service
  • Implement and monitor quality improvement initiatives
  • Identify organizational risk and develop mitigation strategies
  • Ensure a process for reviewing and responding to client feedback and concerns

And other duties as related


Progressive Leadership

Business Acumen

Critical Thinker

Change Agent/Catalyst

Relationship/Team Builder


Conflict Resolution/Negotiation

Interpersonal Relations

Standard of Excellence

Communication – written & verbal


Achievement Driven

Trustworthy and Honesty


Organizational Awareness


Empathy and Compassion



  • Minimum of (5) years senior management experience, preferably in a retirement community, housing industry, hotel or hospitality-related industry overseeing a multi-faceted operation.
  • Degree in Business, Marketing, Health or related field OR an equivalent combination of knowledge, experience and education would be considered.
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors.
  • Experience working with seniors would be an asset.
  • Experience in a unionized environment would be an asset.
  • Knowledge of Strata property management and maintenance experience would be an asset.
  • Class 5 Drivers License

Skills and Abilities:

Demonstrated ability to:

  • Create a shared organizational purpose/synergy: strategically align Oncore’s vision, mission, values and tactical plan with day to day operations
  • Demonstrated leadership in business planning and achieving results.
  • Exceptional communication and team building skills; shared values of solution orientation, respect, integrity, compassion & excellence
  • Lead with passion, empathy and authenticity; a successful track record in leading collaborative solutions
  • Manage change and transitions; results orientated with a readiness to act on opportunities
  • Create strategic business plans, update and present accurate financial controls, timely forecasting, budgeting, regular operational performance reports, and develop, implement, monitor and evaluate board and operations policies and procedures
  • Deliver a successful track record of achieving marketing, sales, administrative and financial goals.
  • Oversee recruitment, orientation, collective agreement administration and grievances, pay and benefits, performance reviews and other related human resources duties
  • Think analytically and conceptually to identify issues, solve problems, design and implement effective solutions.
  • Orientate strategically to the future, scanning the environments for ideas, emerging trends and best practice
  • Build a collaborative, engaging environment where there are opportunities to contribute and achieve results.
  • Maintain standards of honesty and integrity, building trust through authenticity. Act ethically.
  • Identify organizational risk and develop mitigation strategies; risk description, probability, impact, severity and mitigation plan
  • View diversity as an opportunity, creating an environment where diverse people can thrive.
  • Communicate effectively and listen to understand; cultivate and build rapport with residents/employees/stakeholders to create connections, trust and shared meaning
  • Work collaboratively with a Board of Directors and Board Chair
  • Be available and flexible with work schedule

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